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Harris Hunts provides exceptional opportunities for both rifle and archery elk hunting across various trophy units, and general tag areas, spanning central to eastern Montana.


The home ranch lies in the special draw units 700 and 410. This is a trophy unit, where bulls can be expected to score in the 340-380 range, with larger bulls likely. We typically use tree stands, elevated or ground blinds for these hunts, but depending on the situation, a spot and stalk option could possibly be utilized. Be sure to contact Destry about making sure you are applying with Montana Fish and game for licensing correctly so you have the best odds of drawing this highly sought after tag.


Our general hunting area is densely populated with elk and known for multiple large herds. You can expect mature 5x5 to 6x6 point bulls, typical of a general unit in Montana. Our archery elk hunts have consistently yielded impressive results, with a remarkable 80% to 90% opportunity rate, harvest rates depend on the accuracy of the hunter. Archery hunts in our general hunting units encompass a range of approaches, including tree stand hunting, waterhole setups, spot and stalk techniques, and calling. Rifle elk hunts involve utilizing 4x4 pickups to cover ground efficiently, while employing spot and stalk methods to harvest game. You could expect mild mountain terrain, river bottoms, rugged Missouri breaks country, or vast grassy plains with deep coulees and timbered pockets depending on the camp you hunt at.

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